Green Office News: Recycling at work – it’s just the start

Do if you know if your facilities manager or office manager keeps tabs on their waste disposal costs and recycling rates?

To create an eco-friendly office consider how your office can recycle more – by taking advantage of the Wiles Greenworld free office recycling service.

Our customers benefit from carbon footprint reduction via the delivery of their green office products, and the collection of their office recycling, by the same vehicle at the same time – thus cutting road miles by half.

Wiles Greenworld offer all the services and products required to create a more sustainable office – that’s why we call ourselves your sustainable office supplier. Our green consultancy team can help take your in-house green initiatives further too by helping you install an environmental management system tailored for your operations.

Green Office Tip: Wonder how you can grow and be greener – talk to us as we’ve been successfully achieving this since 2008.

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