Green Office News: Recycled office supplies by Wiles Greenworld

At Wiles Greenworld we’re proud of our recycled office supplies range. From recycled paper supplies to recycled content picture frames we’ve identified green alternative office products across the board and offer them to our clients via our catalogue and online ordering platform.

Recycled office supplies are more than just greener though. Did you know they can be cheaper too? We’ve designed an account review system to show our clients which products they could switch to that are both cheaper and greener than the office supplies currently used.

For a refreshing take on London office supplies, from a recognised supplier with over 80 years of stationery industry experience contact us today. Our sustainability case studies speak for themselves too, and don’t forget to enquire about our free London office recycling service.

Green Office Tip: Packaging is a serious commodity and consumes more natural resources than you might think. That’s why all the packaging we add to products to protect them in transit are either re-usable or recycled.

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