Green Office News: Protect our oceans, via an eco-friendly office?

The idea may sound crazy but it can be done. The reasons for this are well explained here but in summary our oceans are suffering; over-fishing and increased carbon seem to be taking their toll.

Thus, to do your bit to protect the oceans by cutting the carbon emissions is a great way to start. But how are they linked? Basically carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, meaning it contributes to the greenhouse effect. As the ozone layer depletes more of the suns rays are let in but less are let back out due to the increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

What this causes is global temperature rise, including in our oceans too. Higher temperatures in the ocean are bad news for lots of reasons, but in a nutshell they hurt coral reefs (a hugely precious ecosystem that we can’t afford to lose) and wider marine habitats too.

Cutting carbon from your office couldn’t be simpler with Wiles Greenworld; our green office product range, environmental expertise, and free recycling service help save carbon at every step and help you to reducing your carbon footprint too.

Green Office Tip: Choose recycled office supplies as green alternatives to your everyday office stationery supplies. Move with the times and don’t stay office stationary with office stationery!

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