Green Office News: Our seas are changing, and not for the better

Reading this diary log summary kept by an experienced sailor for the duration of his journey from Australia to Japan is a poignant reminder of the current state of our seas.

Rubbish bergs, no fish, and a lack of life in general were what he faced; rather than the fish strewn seas sailed through just 10 years earlier. It’s a sad tale, but one that we all need to be aware of.

To do your part to save our seas, choose your sea food carefully. In the supermarket look for words like ‘from sustainable sources’ or the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) logo.

Basically if you’re a fish fan, consider the origin of your dinner, just like you would with other food choices.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld can help your office be just as sustainable with its office supplies and office stationery supplies. In addition, we help our London clients with office recycling too, collected over 15 different waste streams from your London office.

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