Green Office News: Our Recycling stats are set to impress

At Wiles Greenworld HQ we love a good stat or 3 which is why at the end of the last quarter we pulled out our calculators and crunched some numbers.

Did you know for example that we shred and then recycle over 13 tonnes of our customers’ confidential waste every month and that we recycle over 1000 used toner cartridges every month, with any revenues going into our charitable trust.

Did you also know that 50 customers are using our WEEE recycling service every month and that we also recycle over 1.5 tonnes of our customers’ plastic cartons and metal cans every month.

To join in our success and to help us recycle more of the waste generated by London’s offices talk to us today. We can help you be greener and save you money on your office supplies and stationary too.

Green Office Tip: To spread the word to your office staff and visitors, ask us to issue you with an up to date Recycling Performance Certificate to display your green credentials and environmental awareness.

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