Green Office News: Our carbon bubble is getting nearer to bursting, and the extent of the fall out will be massive!

We all know how much it costs to put fuel in our cars and heat and light and energy into our homes. We also all know how wealthy the energy companies are that extract the raw materials (fossil fuels) needed for this to happen.

But what happens when the power of the energy companies gets so big that they form large irreplaceable parts of national economies, where large parts of their value comes from investments made in new mines, drilling platforms or ‘yet to be extracted’ reserves?

Nothing you may think, they’re planning ahead… but one thing they’re clearly not planning ahead for is the impact of their activities on climate change. A new report, discussed in more detail by the Guardian Newspaper, shows Australian coal reserves owned by listed companies alone are equivalent to 25% of the global carbon budget for the fuel to 2050.

What this means is that for us as a planet to keep to our carbon budget commitments and keep our carbon emissions under control, fossil fuels companies need to leave their reserves in the ground; which means they are in fact worthless, which will impact on stock markets, investment funds, commodity values and the GDP of countries all around the world.

By going green, we can all reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and reduce our exposure to what increasingly looks a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Green Office Tip: Switch to recycled office supplies and fair-trade products today to improve the sustainability of the supply chain not just to your office, but all the way from the producer of the ingredients often in the developing world.



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