Green Office News: Old buildings can learn new tricks with the retro-fitting of efficiency boosting technology

As over 60% of existing U.K building stock will still be in use by 2050 retro fitting is both an essential and sure fire initiative to improve the efficiency of these buildings and, in turn, getting them to help meet our binding emission reduction targets.

Here at Wiles H.Q we didn’t want to wait for the legally binding targets to improve energy efficiency, instead we thought it best to implement measures and reap the cost and environmental benefits of a greener, more efficient office.

So far we’ve boosted the window count, and installed intelligent light and water systems. However if these steps are somewhat drastic for your office, why not consider our carbon neutral or recycled, eco-friendly office supplies.

Our green products can have a great impact in your London office and our free delivery service using our own vehicles is good news too. Furthermore, we can collect your office recycling for free when we deliver, helping you save more and divert waste from landfill.

Green Office Tip: Install ‘sleep’ timing monitors on your printer and corridor lighting – this way they won’t use energy when not in use.

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