Green Office News: Oh dear, the dash for gas seems to catching on.

In a previous article we discussed the intentions of a certain Mr. George Osborne to fund the development of new gas fired power stations using shale gas reserves to provide security and price protection for the U.K’s future energy needs.

The problem with this plan is that gas is still a fossil fuel, will still run out eventually and won’t help the U.K hit its legally binding carbon reduction targets.

However, as they say, money talks, and now the P.M Mr. Cameron seems to be starting the same rhetoric. To have your say, and persuade Mr. Osborne and Mr. Cameron to concentrate their efforts on further improving the U.K’s great strides in renewable energy generation instead, sign the petition here.

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Green Office Tip: Take care of your car in these cold winter months by ensuring who have corrected your screenwash to deicer ratio, have the correct tyre pressures and let it warm up before setting off. Any company cars and vans should also receive this same treatment as it will help them run more efficiently.

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