Green Office News: London office recycling, the service that keeps on giving

Did you know that Wiles Greenworld offer a free recycling service and London office recycling service? What makes the service different from our rivals is that we can collect a large variety of wastes, up to 15 in total, and we also make sure that it all stays within the U.K.

As mentioned our service is absolutely free (in most cases) to our customers and helps us to deliver a further environment benefit. The other benefit we can bring to help your office into an eco friendly office is our range of green products and environmental office supplies.

We stock products who’s manufacturers have considered their carbon footprint, used recycled content where possible and made efforts to green their supply chain.

If this sounds like music to your ears, and that it will help improve your office sustainability and waste reduction policy, contact us today.

Green Office Tip: Drink coffee? Our range of Cool Earth coffee products helps save the Amazon rain-forest with every cup you drink.

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