Green Office News: Let’s get recycling!

As we all know, there are plenty of offices in London, which means there is plenty of waste generated too. But unfortunately it would appear most offices are missing a trick on the green benefits a waste reduction policy, and through – recycling more, can bring.

The Wiles Greenworld free office recycling service is designed to make office recycling as easy as possible to help you on the way to achieve a green, eco-friendly office reality.

Our service, just like a business model, is lean, innovative and relevant. It is why we collect your office recycling when we deliver to reduce the mileage of our vehicles, it is why all the material we collect is recyclable and is recycled in the U.K and is why our range of green office supplies is unrivalled, both in terms of choice and value.

To switch on to green procurement, waste reduction policies and office recycling in your London office today, get in touch with us.

Green Office Tip: Layer up in the office and keep that thermostat down low!

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