Green Office News: legislation, legislation, legislation and Tax!

How do big multinational companies do it? With subsidiaries around the world, speaking different languages and having to comply with wildly varying business and environmental legislation… from the outside it looks like a herculean task to keep all the cogs moving simultaneously.

It is pretty obvious however that these guys succeed, big time, and have been able to benefit from their sheer size and commercial clout. One area in particular where this is the case is corporate tax and ‘special relationships’ with government. Apple has been the latest to be implicated, see here, which isn’t ideal considering how high profile and profitable their products are.

This does however create an opportunities for SME’s, where transparency is easier to show and good ethics can create positive P.R all on their own. Have a look at Lush cosmetics as a case study.

As an SME with a green conscience we believe that transparency is crucial to us and helps build the business relationship. This is why we will show you alternative products that will save you money, and not to mention be greener too. Our range of green office supplies is one of the largest available to London offices. So if your London office wants to go green, get in touch today.

Green Office Tip: Considered the environmental legislation around our business? Enquire about our green office consultancy services to help you get the ball rolling.

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