Green Office News: Keep calm and carry on recycling with Wiles Greenworld

Sorry to use the phrase, but its amazing how much stress an under prepared waste reduction policy can bring into an office. When communication is fractured, the understanding of the sustainability principles can vary massively and this can affects people uptake and their efforts in helping the office be greener and recycle more.

Wiles Greenworld can help prepare your green team with everything it needs to communicate the best possible message to your wider organisation. Our recycling service is held in high regards with our current customers and our range of green office products helps them buy greener too.

As your sustainable office supplier, our green office supplies, eco-friendly office furniture and free recycling service form together to provide a great solution to help your office be greener with immediate affects.

We can help you save money on your office supplies and buy greener simultaneously, and once you’ve used the stationery supplies and office supplies our recycling services cut waste disposal costs too.

Green Office Tip: Keep calm and consider the most significant environmental impacts of your operations and start in these areas to achieve meaningful carbon reduction.

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