Green Office News: Its “Game On” at Wiles Greenworld

On the eve of our 1st “Team Green” 5-a-side football match tonight we thought we would take the time out to communicate what makes a good team, whether that is on the pitch or in the office; working towards a more sustainable future.

The first thing you need is dedication and belief, that what you are doing is the right thing. It doesn’t take long surfing online to find true information about the plight of our planet and what you can do to reduce your impact.

Coming on board with Wiles Greenworld is an effective signal to your staff, customers and suppliers that you are taking action to reduce your carbon footprint, by switching over to green office supplies from sustainable sources which are made closer to home. Product sourcing is very important to us and everyday we question the integrity of a recycled paper product if it comes from the other side of the world.

To join the debate, talk to us today, and find out how we can make your office a greener office.

Green Office Tip: The number one cause of carbon in offices is energy usage. Introduce smart lights and improved insulation to see a real difference in your energy expenditure.

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