Green office News: It’s all in the standard…

Setting standards can help you reach benchmarks, and thus adhering to International Standards of Organisations (ISOs) can help you become the benchmark company in your industry, just as we have.

During our most recent assessment, a re-certification audit for ISO 14001, we were informed that within a group of similar organisations we’ve come way above average when it comes to consistently applying the standard. Where there are six audits in a certification cycle and each audit (on average) would normally find two areas of non-conformance (thus twelve in total) our audit cycle has found only a single non-conformance during all six audits.

As you can imagine, we’re delighted about this performance at Wiles Greenworld H.Q and look forward to sharing our success and expertise with you. Our range of consultancy services includes ISO certification, green office techniques and how to raise the awareness and profile of your in-house green team. We can even chair the meetings too for you if you’d like.

Achieving ISO 14001has helped us maintain continual improvement towards our goal of a zero carbon operation.  To find out more about how you can reduce your carbon emissions by coming on board, talk to us today.

Green Office Tip: Think Wiles Greenworld when it comes to your next order of office supplies, green office supplies, sustainable furniture and our unique free London office recycling service.

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