Green Office News: Is a culture change needed to get us greener?

As many of switch to greener cars, greener products and greener holidays it would appear that the notion of saving carbon and consuming products and services more sustainably is getting through. But is it?

We love debates about the subject of ‘going green’, everyone seems to have an opinion on it and that’s why we would love to know what you, our customers, think?

Just imagine for a moment how much energy and resources your office consumes over a week or a year? At Wiles Greenworld, as your sustainable business supplier, we’re constantly innovating to help you reduce the environmental impacts of the products you need, and increase the amount you recycle too.

Using products that require fewer natural resources and then generating more resources through recycling makes sustainability sense to us. If it does to your London office too, get in touch, and you too can benefit from our latest green office product and office recycling innovations.

Green Office Tip: Recycled office supplies and green stationery supplies are now here and can be ordered for next day delivery. Have a look at our expanding green office supplies range today.

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