Green Office News: Innovative transport solutions to help you get to work

This is easily our favourite article of the day so far at Wiles Greenworld HQ, and would certainly liven up our commute.

Now, having a bouncy footpath might not be the best for all surroundings but we think there is an argument. A ‘fast track’ lane might work particularly well in large pedestrianised zones for example.

It would also add a dose of fun to a part of the day that all of us have to do, but don’t particularly enjoy. In the forest where the lane has been installed the designer has claimed it builds a more emotive relationship with the surroundings, and we’re inclined to agree.

It is clear that the designer has thought outside the box and created an alternative solution to an everyday scenario, and that is something we share at Wiles Greenworld.

As your sustainable office supplier we offer green alternatives to the office supplies, office equipment and stationery you use everyday. Also, we’ve won awards for converting half our fleet to alternative fuel vehicles, improving the green credentials and efficiency of our building and offering a free recycling service to all our London office supplies customers.

Join us today to start recycling in your office, and switching to green office products.

Green Office Tip: We collect the recycling of 15 different waste streams from our customers – and those we can’t do ourselves we have the contacts who are ready to help you.

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