Green Office News: #Ice-climb aftermath

Green Office News: #Ice-climb aftermath

The day after Greenpeace scale Europe’s tallest building, what impact has this had on the awareness of NGO’s and their flight against the big corporations?

Well if you were around London Bridge yesterday, as lots of people were, the impact those spiderwomen would have had would be pretty profound. To communicate their cause to a wider audience by putting themselves in danger (it’s transpired some portions of the climb were done free-climb) shows great courage and belief in their cause.

This must make people stop and think why? Why are they going through all this to raise awareness? How important and significant must the issue be?

For us here at Wiles Greenworld, we’re right behind Greenpeace and other NGO’s in their continued pursuits to raise awareness of environmental harm.

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Green Office Tip: A waste reduction policy and environmental policy are both great tools to help you on the path to reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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