Green Office News: How well do you know your eco-labels?

If you were asked to explain the differences between a Fair-trade or a Rainforest Alliance certified product, how do you think you would get on?

Well, if the answer was not very well, then worry no more. Courtesy of the 2 Degrees Network, a blog that we follow and recommend you do too, all the answers are available here.

As your sustainable business supplier, we have an ever growing range of both Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified lines to help you choose products which amongst other things:

  • Provide guaranteed prices to growers
  • Help protect farm-land and plantations
  • Raise funds for sustainable development projects

Wiles Greenworld can also provide your London office with a free recycling service, recycled paper supplies, and a wide range of office stationery supplies that we stock in our own warehouse – helping to improve efficiency and giving our customers strong order fulfilment.

Green Office Tip: Look into our Cool Earth Coffee range for one of the most ethical and sustainable coffees available. Naturally, its Rainforest Alliance certified too.

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