Green Office News: How to Green your office in 10 days

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a green company out there that helped its clients be green too. That provided an easy to apply guide to help introduce green procurement policies, environmental policies and waste reduction policies.

Recycling at work can help every office be greener and our free London office recycling service is designed to do just that. We can collect 15 different waste streams from your office, and all when we deliver, to reduce carbon and road miles too.

Our green office supplies range can additionally help green your office, switching to certified carbon neutral paper for example, or buying recycled office supplies can all bring a positive environmental benefit.

To find out more about the other 8 ways to green your office in 10 days, contact us today to learn more about creating an eco-friendly office.

Green Office News: Our green audits and environmental consultancy service is a constructive and professional approach to identifying and reducing your significant environmental impacts.

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