Green Office News: How to change the energy outlook in 2012, the Wiles Greenworld view.

At Wiles Greenworld we like to think we know a thing or two about going green, whether that is resource use, technology, office products or environmental management systems for business.

The issue discussed today is that of where our energy comes from, and the associated carbon emissions of that provision. For example did you know that around the world fossil fuel subsidies were 6 times higher than those for renewables. More info can be found below.

To get this to change it is important to support fledgling organisations, sign anti-fossil fuel petitions and engage with your suppliers and customers about how to do business better with a reduced carbon footprint.

And this where we come in; as the 2nd Greenest company in the U.K we can supply your office with paper, stationary and general sundries from sustainable sources, whilst clearly identifying the green credentials of products in our Essentials catalogue.

Green office tip: Recycling has never been easier with Wiles Greenworld. Our free London wide recycling service can help your company help our planet today.

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