Green Office News: How recycling at work can help reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon reduction is a buzz-word of many of the world’s largest companies as they beef up their corporate responsibility policies to help them drive green office and green business improvements and meet legislation.

One way your London office can do the same is to come on board with us and take advantage of our free recycling service and London recycling service. Our customers also benefit from the largest range of environmental office supplies, office stationery supplies and paper office supplies available, helping deliver further sustainability benefits and carbon reduction.

Recycling reduces carbon because, quite simply, it takes far less energy to recycle materials than to extract and manufacture new ones. Our range of recycled office supplies show just how innovative our suppliers can be with every day recycled materials.

We also collect London office recycling too; items in can include pens, batteries, paper, cardboard and computer equipment, as well as host of others.

To find out more about our green products and free recycling service, contact us today.

Green Office Tip: Office recycling is a great addition to any waste reduction policy, and if you recycle with us we can ensure that all your waste is diverted from landfill, helping the environment even further.

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