Green Office News: How our environmental office products can help you

As the snow begins to fall over London today why not take a moment to stop and think how much increased and more extreme weather variances could impact you and your business.

The good news story here is that there are things that we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint and in turn our impact on climate change. Where Wiles Greenworld can help is in the supply of green office supplies and stationery to your office, and with recycling and environmental consultancy too.

We’ve been able to grow our business whilst reducing our carbon footprint every year since 2008, and with our range of sustainable office supplies, we can help start your business do the same. So get in touch today, and feel the benefits as soon as you come on board.

Green Office Tip: Did you know recycled and sustainable office supplies can be cheaper too? Our account reviews show customers how they can grow their green office product choices and cut costs simultaneously.

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