Green Office News: How much do you think about your WEEE?

At Wiles Greenworld we actually think about your WEEE quite a lot, your Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment that is. For example did you know that the average U.K citizen will dispose of 3.3 tonnes of WEEE in their lifetime, enough to build the infamous 7 metre tall ‘WEEE Man’ at the Eden Project.

This statistic, just like the WEEE Man himself, is pretty scary so we do everything we can to help our customers dispose of their WEEE responsibly, making sure it is re-used wherever possible and if not it is then recycled. This means that we also consider the all-important Waste Hierarchy which we think everybody should know about. Talk to us for more info.

So if you’ve started thinking about your WEEE, or have some you’d like to responsibly dispose of, get in touch today.

Green Office Tip: Wiles Greenworld are the only London Office Supplies Company that collects your recycling when it delivers. It is often said that the simplest ideas are often the best and this innovation will reduce your costs and your carbon footprint, so going green needn’t cost the Earth!

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