Green Office News: How green is your office – The bite size test.

As huge supporters of green office policies and actions we’ve have set up a small 3 part test for you to find just how green your London office actually is. So here we go…

Part 1 – Does your office recycle? Wiles Greenworld can help your office recycle 15 different waste streams from your office, delivering carbon reduction, increased operational efficiencies, and in the future closed loop office products. To start, establish a waste reduction policy today.

Part 2 – Does your office have a sustainable procurement policy? One way to become an eco-friendly office is to buy eco-friendly office products. Consider recycled office supplies wherever possible.

Part 3 – Has your office considered its corporate responsibility? The final for your office to be green is to think and act green. Establishing a CSR policy, or working towards a recognised environmental standard can really set the ball rolling. Wiles Greenworld green audits and green office consultancy services can assist you in getting up to speed with environmental standards, legislation and regulation.

Green Office Tip: Want to score 3/3? Then search for Wiles Greenworld on Twitter or check our website for more Green Office Supplies news and views.

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