Green Office News: How engagement is the key to successful change management.

Ask any business manager or organisational change consultant and they’ll tell you that the key to a successful change is engagement.

At Wiles Greenworld we ‘d agree with them. Without engaging our staff in the green technologies and recycling programs in our building, how else could we have achieved 100% zero waste to landfill since 2008 and continue it today? Or doubled our carbon intensity ratio from the same baseline? Or switched on our customers so we recycle more of their waste now than in any other year in our history?

Recently we’ve taken the engagement philosophy one step up our supply chain with positive results, all driven from our environmental ethics and corporate position.

To this effect, our relationship with iema, the institute of environmental managers, has seen our Sustainable Development Director Toby Robins, elected onto the prestigious iema council, advising on the future of environmental legislation, standards, best practice and supply chain management. Here, in an iema profile, Toby sheds light on some of the initiatives we have introduced to better manage and improve our own supply chain.

We hope you find the profile a fascinating read as it provides a great explanation of the work we do on behalf of our planet and our customers to improve the environmental considerations, and thus performance, in our supply chain.

Green Office Tip: Start the green conversation with in our in-house environmental consultants. We can help you implement environmental, quality and supply chain management systems that can improve company performance and unlock new opportunities.

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