Green Office News: How can you make an eco-friendly office a reality?

Making strides towards a genuine eco-friendly office doesn’t have to mean starting afresh in a brand new green building. This option isn’t always possible so here are some things every office can consider.

1)      Green Procurement – buying sustainable office supplies, green office supplies and green office products can not only save you money, but also reduce your carbon footprint as these alternatives will be far less carbon intensive in their manufacture and transportation.

2)      Office recycling – Reducing your waste to landfill by recycling more makes sense on every level. Our drivers collect your London office recycling when we deliver, cutting as much carbon as possible.

3)      Energy efficiency – becoming an energy efficient office makes you greener too, so consider a five day timer instead of 7, L.E.D lights on motion sensors and engaging staff on green office intiatives.

Wiles Greenworld are here to help in all these areas; talk to us today about the supply of green supplies, our London recycling service and becoming an eco friendly office.

Green Office Tip: Engaging employees and/or colleagues on the benefits of going green is a sure-fire way to promote discussion and therefore understanding. Wiles Greenworld can conduct a free green office audit and help you set up a green office team.

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