Green Office News: Heat equals drought, right?

As the temperature continues to hover in unchartered territory the news turns to stories of drought and a possible lack of water, which will affect everybody, particularly farmers.

It’s thought that drought could devastate U.K food production over the coming years, as farmers may have to make do with 50% of the water they use currently for cultivation. More info can be found here.

You may that we can’t control the weather but the science suggests that human activity, particularly carbon emissions, have greatly increased the global average temperature since the industrial revolution.

Thus doing all you can, particularly as a London office to reduce your carbon footprint, will help us to protect our environment for the future. Creating a green office starts with office recycling and green office supplies, and we’re ideally placed to help you in these areas.

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Green Office Tip: Printer logins can help reduce paper and ink wastage, saving money and resource use.

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