Green Office News: Have you heard of the E.U ETS?

Did you know that in Europe (and now also in California) there is a fully functioning trading market mechanism for just carbon emissions?

The E.U emissions trading scheme has been around for 8 years now, and allows companies in green sectors or those reducing their emissions to sell their surplus of ‘allowances’ to other businesses who continue to pollute. The money raised is used not only to support the green businesses, but also to fund renewable energy initiatives across Europe.

Sounds good doesn’t it? However there are problems, with the largest being that the value of the allowances have decreased by 70% since 2011 because there’s more people selling than buying.

So what can we do turn around the E.U ETS? Restoring faith in its value is one thing and introducing new legislation requiring more companies to report their carbon footprint is another – But what do you think?

At Wiles Greenworld we believe the E.U ETS is a huge step in the right direction and cannot be allowed to be pushed to one side. One day, we’d love to see a stock exchange that looked at company growth and carbon emissions together, so traders and investors can see and buy into the companies that have grown sustainably, and not into those that have taken advantage of our planet.

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