Green Office News: Have you considered the carbon footprint of your food?

Have you ever taken the time to consider the journey the food on your plate has taken to get there? For example it’s easy to buy prawns from Thailand, vegetables from Kenya and rice grown in Asia; which will give your prawn curry quite a considerable carbon footprint.

Buying locally sourced food, from local suppliers is the real solution to this but you’ll be surprised how few of us do it. When convenience is king, and price is paramount, supermarkets are at a great advantage but when they are competing with their rivals on price the cheapest suppliers are often to be found in the developing world.

This report shows one example of a supermarket considering their responsibility to cut the carbon footprint of food to our tables. Why carry on shipping banana’s across the Atlantic when we can source them much closer to home in the Canaries?

We practice this same level of sustainable thinking when it comes to office supplies. Over 80% of our products are sourced from ISO 14001 certificated suppliers, which means they monitor and manage their environmental impact. Our free recycling service can help you be green and reduce your carbon footprint too.

Green Office Tip: Look for the Fairtrade label when buying tea and coffee from your office to help improve supply chains in developing countries.

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