Green Office News: Green Office Week is back!

Organised by office supplies manufacturers Avery Products , the fifth annual Green Office Week aims to ‘unite offices around the country, raise awareness of the issues and offer practical help and advice to office workers looking to make a difference’. The week will include tips and advice on becoming more eco-friendly in the office, with different days focusing on different areas. Monday will look at energy, Tuesday at transport, Wednesday at waste, Thursday at purchasing and products and Friday at green thinking and ‘innovation’.


As the Green Office Supplier of choice for London offices, our green office product range is in a prime position to help you green your office. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint, increase your sustainability credentials and start office recycling. Your office couldn’t get greener during green office week than becoming a Wiles Greenworld customer today.

Green Office Tip: A sustainable procurement or ethical purchasing policy is a great way to deliver top management lead procurement change. Greening your office also means choosing green suppliers too.

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