Green Office News: Green Office Supplies… Can you afford not to be using them?

As a supplier of Green Office Supplies to offices all over London, you may think we’re slightly biased here, but hear us out. The beauty of Green Office Supplies, Recycled Office Supplies and eco friendly office furniture is that over the life of the product, they are likely to cost you less. This is because green products are often made to higher standards, so will last longer, and when they’re useful life has past, they will cost you less to dispose of.

The reason for this last point is that recycled office supplies, are, you guessed it, made of recyclable materials so they can be recycled again and again. As an office supplier that collects your recycling when we deliver, this is the greenest and smartest solution by miles (no pun intended).

So to learn more about where you can switch to green office supplies, talk to our friendly customer services team today or email

Green Office Tip: Innovative office recycling solutions are part of what we do, talk to us to see how our free London recycling service can benefit you.

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