Green Office News: Green Office supplies by Wiles Greenworld

Did you know that the office supplies industry has a benchmark for the turnover of green office products? Would you like to take a guess as to what this? Maybe in 4 in 10 or perhaps 3 in 10? That shouldn’t be so hard should it..?

Well think again, as recent publications put the benchmark at 15%. At Wiles Greenworld, we like to do better than our peers and help our customers do the same. That is why our green office product turnover benchmark is set at 45% with our customers, and we’ll tell how you’re getting on against this every 6 months.

Changing your buying to choose recycled office supplies, recycled paper supplies and eco-friendly office products can reduce the carbon footprint of supply chains, and save you money.

To help our client be more sustainable, our free London office recycling service is open to all our accounts, helping them recycle more and cut costs simultaneously.

Green Office Tip: Introduce a waste reduction to show you’re taking office recycling seriously.

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