Green Office News: Green investments are on the up!

As a sign that green thinking is moving further into the public consciousness a recent report has highlighted that 45% of U.K adults with savings would be interested in green or ethical investments.

This is great news, as a green economy means a better economy, one with less waste, better supply chain considerations and higher rates of re-investment. Have a search the growth of the green economy versus the growth of the economy as a whole for more evidence.

At Wiles Greenworld, we are keen supporters of the green economy as you can imagine; and you can be too by coming on board with us. Our range of green and recycled office supplies can cut the footprint of your office consumables, our free recycling service ensures none of your office waste goes to landfill and our environmental consultancy service can help you on your way to achieving accreditation through helping you build an environmental management system.

To find out more about the greenest office supplies in London and the surrounding area, contact us today.

Green Office Tip:  If you have under-utilised electrical equipment in your office, unplug it for a while and see if it missed – if it isn’t you can recycle it with us and save energy.

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