Green Office News: Government aims to set ball rolling on wind farm investment

To increase the profile of wind farm investment, a government department, the department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), has invested £50 million into wind farm projects across the U.K. The thinking behind the move is to promote the idea and opportunities of green investment and green energy investments to the big time institutional investors that can really help toward the U.K’s renewable energy generation targets for 2020 and beyond. More green office news on this story can be found by clicking here.

At Wiles Greenworld we believe that sustainable energy generation is an essential no-brainer towards the U.K’s green future. To do your bit to help, take a look at our green recycled office supplies, free recycling service and London recycling service – helping every London office reduce its carbon footprint.

Green Office Tip: Does your office have some spare outside space? A green way to dispose of your food waste to start your own compost heap. The additives are readily available to minimise odour and speed up the composting process .

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