Green Office News: Global warming, new study predicts dangerous sea level rise

According to a recent report by a leading climate research institute, sea levels could rise a massive 2.3 metres for each degree of warming.

This could lead to disaster in low lying countries and also accelerate erosion in vulnerable areas. The article where we found this makes for a great read as it also provides some history and the current state of affairs with global climate change agreements.

It’s pretty clear that all of us need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to reduce our carbon footprint. To make this easier government need to invest in alternative energy production so we can use them. Obvious right? Unfortunately things aren’t quite this simple, what with powerful oil companies, subsidies and the expense of new technologies.

Thus its really important to support green businesses wherever you can and buy green products wherever you can too. This will show customer demand for these items and make producers sit up and take notice.

As a business, green office supplies are becoming a great way to create an eco-friendly office. Our recycled office supplies are becoming increasingly popular and our green office products can really help your office reduce its carbon footprint.

Green Office Tip: Are you a London Design Agency? Our range of bio-degradable foam board and eco-board means they can be recycled instead of landfill, reducing carbon emissions at every step.

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