Green Office News: Global warming latest…

How do you solve a problem like global warming, especially when the latest news seems to suggest that scientists are unsure why the meteoric rise in earth surface temperature has curtailed in recent years.

It would be nice to think that this is because of the green initiatives and carbon reduction activities of some of the more pioneering countries around the world. However its common knowledge that global CO2 emissions are still on the up.

To do your bit, start to reduce the carbon footprint of your office by starting a conversation with us. Wiles Greenworld can help you choose green office supplies products that have considered their environmental impacts and even mitigated/offset them where possible. We stock a wide range of certified carbon neutral products, as well FSC and PEFC papers to ensure our office supplies come from well managed sources.

Wiles Greenworld can also help you’re office recycle more too with our award winning London office recycling service.

If this sounds like music to your ears to help you start to implement an environmental policy in your company, talk to us today.

Green Office Tip: Compatible toners are now so good you wouldn’t notice the difference. Ours use recycled materials in their construction too.

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