Green Office News: Global warming is happening fast!

Data released today shows that climate change is truly happening all around us, as the last decade was the hottest on record… in over 150 years! Click here for more info.

Even climate change detractors can’t argue against these trends, which show that increased emissions by human activity (CO2) has contributed to increased global temperatures.

It is argued that if the atmospheric concentration of green house gases continues to grow at the historical rate, we are likely to see more climate change and extreme weather. Did you know for example that Australlia recently measured it hottest weather ever recorded?

To keep track of your carbon footprint we’ve set up regular account reviews that will help you measure the impact on the environment. Our green office products are sourced with the environment in mind; our close distance to our customers and suppliers means that the carbon footprint of your office stationery supplies and paper office supplies is far reduced.

For a refreshing take on office supplies London, helping you create a more eco-friendly office, contact us today.

Green Office Tip: Are your screen settings right for you? Most modern monitors will have an eco setting with the ideal balance of brightness, resolution and power draw.

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