Green Office News: Global warming and the melting of arctic sea ice

If you haven’t heard about the #iceclimb where have you been? Greenpeace have raised the profile of this issue greatly and as such we felt that we should let you know about it.

More info about the prevalent issues is available here, and discusses how as our carbon emissions increase there is a ticking timebomb to do with the release of harmful methane as arctic permafrost melts.

Your London office can help by reducing its carbon footprint, starting office recycling, and choosing sustainable green office products; and that’s where we come in.

Wiles Greenworld are your sustainable business supplier, as the 2nd greenest company in the U.K we can help you recycle more, save money and save rainforest trees which soak up our carbon.

Our CSR initiatives also give back to the community too, and the office recycling we collect gets remanufactured here in the U.K.

Green Office Tip:  Create an eco-friendly office by using green office paper supplies and environmental office furniture – we can help!

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