Green Office News: Glass is Class @ Wiles Greenworld

Here’s some great facts you, did you know that recycling just 1 glass bottle saves enough equivalent energy to power a washing machine for 10 minutes, and recycling 4 saves enough to power a fridge for an entire day.

At Wiles Greenworld, we are seeing great growth in our catering supply products and in particular bottled water sales. Naturally we sell green alternatives and have searched for the greenest bottled water suppliers we can find. As such we stock Belu water, whose operation is 100% carbon neutral.

In addition; as the greenest office supplier in London and the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K as awarded by the Sunday Times (click here) we also provide a glass recycling service to our customers. We supply plastic crates which you can then fill, then simply let us know when they are full and our drivers can collect them during your next delivery – it’s as simple as that. We’re fast approaching ½ tonne of glass bottles collected per month.

Green office tip: You’ll be surprised as to the different waste streams we can help you recycle. Visit our website for more information.

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