Green Office News: Get plugged in and start saving today.

Wiles HQ is buzzing (quite literally) today after a visit from two members of the Energy Saving Trust. Their reason for the visit, and coincidentally the reason for this article, was to present their analysis on the viability of running a fleet of electric delivery vehicles.

As transport accounts for 24% of the U.K’s carbon footprint and road transport making up the majority of this (click here for origin) moving further away from fossil fuel vehicles is a logical step to take for a green-minded company like ours.

In fact we’re so green, that we were ranked the 2nd greenest company in the U.K by the Sunday Times. Our free recycling service, sustainable office supplies and certified paper products can all help make your office greener too.

Green Office Tip: Office recycling in London has never been easier thanks to the Wiles Greenworld free recycling service. We collect your recycling when we deliver your green business supplies.

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