Green Office News: Fracking – for or against?

As George Osborne yesterday announced in his budget generous tax breaks for Fracking exploration and incentives to the local communities most directly impacted, we thought it would be a good time to generate some discussion.

We’ve all heard of fracking or hydraulic fracturing – the practice of pumping under high pressure millions of gallons of a water and chemical cocktail into the ground to fracture rocks and release the methane trapped beneath.

Naturally fracking isn’t without its sceptics. Exploration in the U.K has been linked to localised earthquakes, and not to mention in the U.S where ground water has been contaminated to the extent where it is no longer safe to drink from the tap. And then there’s the issue of the water itself; in periods of drought or low levels on the water table is it realistic to siphon off so much, mix it with chemicals and then pump some back to the surface, to store, decontaminate and re-use?

So is Mr Osborne backing a losing horse? Especially when wind or tidal power is far greener and far less damaging to our environment. Surely our future needs to be from green sources of energy and not from dirty fossil fuels.

This link to some great press coverage provides more info. In the mean time consider how you and your office can be greener by seeking alternative green office supplies and green products. The paper office supplies and office stationery supplies your office selects can have a great impact on its carbon footprint. Also our Wiles Greenworld free recycling service can help you practice more carbon reduction by diverting your recyclable waste from landfill – and saving trees too.

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