Green Office News: Fancy a swim?

Now the sun has its hat on a trip to the beach sounds pretty tempting, but perhaps not at this one

An explosion of algae has occurred which is thought to be caused by an ‘inbalance’ in the water table. Every summer this (fortunately) non-toxic algae occurs and the reasons haven’t yet been properly investigated.

This is another example of human activity negatively impacting the environment. Although non-toxic, the algae removes oxygen and nutrients from the water which makes it difficult for marine life to survive.

At Wiles Greenworld, our message is that all businesses, no matter their industry, should know about their environmental impacts and carbon footprint… we only have one planet after all.

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Recycled office supplies and green office products are what we do best, and our free London recycling service is designed to help clients reduce their waste to landfill.

Green Office Tip: A waste reduction policy and can help you communicate to recycle more and reduce your waste.

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