Green Office News: Ever considered the carbon footprint of your office?

Creating a green office has to start with the goods and services feeding into it, and office supplies are definitely in that list.

The office supplies available from us though differ from our competitors because they are green through and through. Sustainable procurement in London is very high profile, with the London Mayor even getting involved with the Green Procurement Code.

We’ve been part of this initiative since the beginning, and have even won the Best S.M.E award which reflects our commitment to the green office products we procure to supply to London offices.

To start your office supplies coming from an award winning green business, wholly owned and operated here in London, contact Wiles Greenworld today.

Green Office Tip: Does your office recycle?  The award winning Wiles Greenworld London office recycling service collects your recycling when we deliver, with revenues feeding into our charitable trust to support good causes worldwide.

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