Green Office News: Environmental disaster zones in pictures

It may not be the happiest subject for a Friday but environmental disasters and crimes are unfortunately real and are happening all over the world every day. At Wiles Greenworld, we feel it is our duty as a sustainable business, and a stake holder of the earth just like everybody else, to raise awareness and create a movement for positive change.

Click here, here and here for examples that touch on pollution and its effect on climate change, and illegal waste dumping and its impact on the health of local people and animals.

Fortunately, it is not too late to avoid a world where these images become common place; we still have time to cap our global carbon emissions and start recycling on a much grander scale.

To bring this future even further forward, to the present in fact, choose your office supplies and London office recycling through Wiles Greenworld. We maintain ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards, have been previously ranked the 2nd Greenest Company in the U.K by the Sunday Times, and offer a green alternative product wherever possible to the office supplies and stationery we all use every day.

Green Office Tip: Talk to us about how recycled office supplies, closed-loop office products, and re-usable packaging can become the norm in your office, helping to contribute to a reduced environmental impact.

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