Green Office News: Energy bills set to rise, it’s time to prepare.

As energy prices are set to rise your company could benefit hugely from working with one of the companies at the forefront of the 6th largest low-carbon business sector in the world.

At Wiles Greenworld we can help your organisation to take both small and big steps to a greener future, helping you to reduce your expenditure on office supplies, stationary and furniture by sourcing greener and better value alternatives which are better for our environment. For example 94% of our paper is from certified sustainable sources.

Our free recycling service can further cut your waste disposal costs, because as we make sure none of our customers’ waste goes to landfill we avoid the expensive landfill tax, a cost other waste service providers incur and likely pass on.

Green Office Tip: To take a big step towards a green office, talk to us about our Consultancy Service offerings.


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