Green Office News: Eco Friendly ideas… What’s yours?

Isn’t the internet wonderful? It provides jobs for millions of us and helps us obtain access to information, products and services like ever before.

It’s also where we’ve come across two rather lovely eco-friendly ideas which we wanted to share with you; just click here and here for more info.

Creativity and pushing the boundaries of what is possible has big links to sustainability too. How else could someone have been confident that solar cells on roofs and huge wind turbines far out at sea were good ideas?

The two new designs above fit into this mood too, so lets get behind them and create our own eco-friendly idea!

At Wiles Greenworld, we’ve been green office innovators for a while now; we provide access to a huge range of green office products and recycled office supplies, we operate an award winning London office recycling service and on top of that our own offices, depot and even our key supplier are all within the Greater London area… which means that the office supplies you need are never too far away.

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