Green Office News: Drink Coffee, then read this…

If you love a cup of coffee in the morning have you ever considered its origin and the journey it takes to get to your cup? We have, and that is why proudly sell Cool Earth Coffee which helps protect the rainforests exactly where the beans are grown. An example provided is that for every 500g tin of Cool Earth Coffee you purchase five rainforest trees are protected from illegal logging.

And its not just coffee where we’ve gone the extra mile to source sustainable alternatives to the general office supplies used every day. Our range of recycled and sustainable office supplies can help contribute towards a greener office and reduce your carbon footprint.

Check out our catalogue for our great range of green office stationary supplies; it has been specifically designed to help you make a green office product choice.

Green Office Tip: Did you know we sell eco-friendly office furniture too – you’d be surprised as to the number of sustainably sourced versions of every day office products we can offer.

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