Green Office News: Do you report your Environmental Impact?

Did you know that all listed firms here in the U.K are required to report their Environmental Impacts in their end of year reports? Although “Environmental Impacts” could be translated in a number of ways what is being focused on is carbon emissions and the actions taken to reduce them.

As it is widely though that this level of mandatory reporting is to be rolled out to smaller companies in the near future it is most certainly time to consider how you can reduce your emissions whilst introducing green initiatives.

One easy way to do to this is to engage in business with Wiles Greenworld. As the 2nd greenest company in the U.K we have been reporting our Environmental Impacts since 2008 and in that time we have reduced our carbon intensity by nearly 90%.

Purchasing green office supplies, participating in our office recycling and employing our green consultancy services are all great ways to be a more sustainable office, and thus be prepared for the impending environmental reporting guidelines.

Green Office Tip: One simple way to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility is to introduce a Waste Reduction Policy and state your commitment to an office recycling target.

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