Green Office News: Do you hate traffic as much as we do?

Did you know that Carbon emissions from road transport account for around a quarter of total UK annual emissions? As such we at Wiles Greenworld do everything we can to not contribute to this figure anymore than we need to.

The first thing we did was to convert half our fleet to LPG fuel, minimising harmful diesel particulates and saving CO2. Then we trained our drivers in the art of fuel efficient driving. And then we optimised our delivery routes to eradicate unnecessary mileage.

But the best thing we’ve done is what we have been doing since day one, which is to collect your recycling when we deliver. That means our vans do the work of up to three different vehicles. This not only reduces traffic, but also carbon emissions and the number of vehicles on our roads.

Green Office Tip: For sustainable office supplies, free office recycling and green office products choose Wiles Greenworld, you could even get to work that little bit faster.

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