Green Office News: Did you know Wiles Greenworld can collect your confidential waste too?

We live in an age of increased information security and privacy law… and to protect your office’s private information and provide peace of mind look no further than Wiles Greenworld for your confidential waste needs.

We offer a number of solutions depending on how often you require shredding services, and can accommodate confidential CD’s & tapes too.

Whether you’re doing an office clear-out or archive disposal the confidentiality of your material should not be overlooked. Furthermore, as the 2nd greenest company in the U.K we ensure all your waste (once shredded) will be 100% recycled too.

In summary, look no further than Wiles Greenworld for your confidential waste and London office recycling waste needs. Our free London office recycling service * collects various different waste streams and can really help cut your waste disposal costs.

Our services deliver a double benefit as they will save you money and help the environment as recycling instead of sending waste to landfill will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Office Tip:  We’re a green company at heart and are looking for new ways to help our customers be greener too. That’s why we have more green office paper supplies and green office stationery supplies than any other London retailer.

*Talk to us for how to qualify.

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